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Bob, Guitars arrived yesterday intact and no damage here's a "short" initial review. Can't say if ordering two guitars at once is the best idea for mental health, I was like a schizophrenic squirrel in a walnut grove last night.

First off, many thanks to Josiah. The set up on both guitars was top notch. Very playable in all positions, not a buzz or rattle anywhere. Intonation on both right on. Don't know if it was factory or Josiah but the bridge foot to top fit on the Ellisport is right on the money (not always there from the factory on archtops with floaters).


Both the Luana and the Ellisport are as well put together and finished [or better] as any thing on the market REGARDLESS of price point. Couldn't find a flaw in construction or finish on either one. Even internal inspections with the light and mirror revealed attention to detail. No glue drips, nicely finished bracing etc. VERY CLEAN.

The finish on both guitars is attractive and well executed. NO thick plastics here. Don't know for sure but it appears to be Nitro well polished without any flaws or rub out swirls. The sunburst on both are as well done as any guitar on the market.

Inlay on both guitars is tastefully conceived and well done.

Josiah was right and the Ellisport is surprisingly good played acoustically. Nice feeling neck, very good on the fret work-- better that we are seeing from even the Gibson factory these days. I have a recent Les Paul that came from the factory with basically flat end frets that had been leveled with no attempt to recrown. Fret work on the Luana is identical. Nicely done.

OKAY now the hard part. How do they sound?

As I said the Ellisport has a remarkably good tone and projection for a laminated guitar in its price range. My only real comparison was a L5CES that went away to pay the rent for several months a few decades ago.
Amplified it is what one would expect from a floating mini humbucker. Tried it through several amps (including one solid state). Pleasing "jazz" tones through pretty damn good 30's / 40's "swing blues tones. I LOVE THE GUITAR.

In all fairness to the Luana I have to tell you that for the last 40 years I been playing 50's and 60's vintage J45 and a D28 respectively, so I have to really pay attention and be fair. First off the Luana is really comfortable.... I mean REALLY comfortable! As I said before it is probably the most attractive "vintage" sunburst I've ever seen on an acoustic. The neck is comfortable and "familiar" feeling. Interesting that they went with a "Gibson" style heel and a "Martin" volute on the same neck and the look works well.

Like every small-bodied mahogany I've ever played there is an abundance of harmonic overtone in the mid range. Sometimes it is exactly what you want sometimes it is a bit much. I use a variety of picks, different weight, material etc. to get different tones from all of my guitars and you can temper or accentuate the overtone phenomena just by adjusting what you're playing with. Very sweet highs on this guitar the mids are right out there and the low mids and lows are pleasant with the slight nasal quality that you find, and probably are looking for, in a small body mahogany/spruce guitar.

So that's it for now. It was kind of hard to go to work this morning. I'll keep you posted and update you on the guitars as they become more familiar. Thank you and Josiah again for working with me on this purchase. I already have a couple of fellas here on the island in mind to take these for a test drive and infect them as well. The only down side I can see for me is that you have "several" models that I don't have and that could end up being a BIG PROBLEM.

THANKS AGAIN! I'll be in touch.
Lopez Island

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