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Vashon Guitars Jazz Pro Jazz Box Review 1/27/2008

I recently purchased a Jazz Pro from Bob Krinsky’s Vashon Guitar located at 15th and Market Street, Tacoma, WA. This is a full sized jazz box with a single pickup configuration controlled by volume and tone knobs. The guitar has a solid maple top with a very attractive flame. The back and sides are also flamed maple. The neck is maple and sports a rosewood fingerboard. Mother of Pearl Inlays dress up the fingerboard and Grover tuners top off the guitar. And let’s not forget the bone nut.

But how does it play? How does it feel? How’s the vibe? All is well here. Even before Bob’s talented guitar tech and luthier Josiah Palmer set the guitar up it played fantastic right out of the case. For a larger hollow body it has a very comfortable feel partly due to its relatively narrow body width (2.96”). The neck plays fast and well. Overall the guitar has great balance. The pickup has a nice warm sound that does jazz just fine. The gold plated control knobs are smooth and easy to manipulate. The guitar has a ‘no shine’ sunburst finish, which adds to its sophisticated and expensive look.

I have been playing guitar for over 25 years and in the last several years have been playing jazz. I have tried and owned many jazz boxes...Gibsons, Heritages, Ibanezs, PRS, and many lesser-known brands. I find the Jazz Pro easily hold its own with (and even out-performs) any of these for a price that simply cannot be beat. I am certain the ****** line of jazz guitars were made by the same builders that are building the Vashon line. However the ******* will set you back several thousand dollars more than a Vashon, and the Vashon is spec’d out to the same or better standards.

Mr. Krinsky and the builders have done right with Vashon Guitars. Bob Krinsky is a great guy to boot and is always willing to go the extra mile to make things right for his customers. He is steeped in the music business and his great, new showroom shows a commitment to the local music scene. Go by, call, get on the web or email...whatever it takes to get to know Bob and his affordable, high quality wares; you will not be disappointed.

Joe Contris, local growing Jazz Guitarist

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